Crafting Moments - DIY Pastel Pom Wreath


Hello dears!

I hope your all having a wonderful week and starting to get excited about Christmas! I've been a busy bee the last few weeks making lists of ideas and planning our Christmas dinner. I love nothing more than doing crafts even more so around Christmas time! Today I'm sharing with you a DIY wreath using multicoloured pastel wool pom poms, I recently seen one similar in a store whilst out shopping but didn't like the ugly price of £38 it had attached to it! This made me think I should just make my own and see how it goes. Thankfully it went really well and I'm super pleased with how it turned out!!

Here's what you'll need -

250 mm polystyrene ring (or larger if you wish)
x2 packs of 45 multi pastel coloured pom poms
x1 pack of small pom poms
(I got all of the above from Hobbycraft)
hot glue gun
string/ribbon of your choice
a pin

1. Firstly plan out how you want your pom poms to sit arranged around the wreath, then turn on your hot glue. Starting with the larger poms, dab a small amount of glue on the wreath (Be careful not to burn yourself!) Press down firmly for a few seconds and then do the next one. I decided to use 5 large poms and place them evenly around the wreath.

2. Once all larger poms are in place, start adding the smaller ones to each side. Do this until all the large poms have these each side. Continue to add small and middle sized poms until the whole wreath is covered. There's not really a wrong way to add these as you can place them wherever you like so this is just how I did mine. Feel free to change it up and do your own style :)

3. When you start to fill around the inside of the wreath it'll be easier to add the glue onto the pom first and then stick down. Just be careful not to burn yourself! I think I glued my fingers a couple of times during this process!

4. Once the whole wreath is covered, its time to attach your choice of string/ribbon with the pin onto the back. Flip over the wreath and place where you'd like to pin to sit, you may want to hold it up to check you have the right length string/ribbon. Once you've worked out the right length, add a small amount of hot glue where you want the pin to go in. Tie a knot with your string and pop the pin through the knot, press down firmly until the pin & string are stuck down and the glue has dried in place.

5. Leave for about 5 minutes for that to set and voilà! Your done! Place your new pretty wreath on your front door or in my case on the back of our front door.

It took around 40 minutes to complete and I'm SO happy with the turn out! A simple way to create your own festive piece and save money in the process! All supplies to make this (excluding the glue gun) cost around £7. Let me know if you make your own and add links in the comments so I can see!


(All photos taken by Lulu)

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  1. i want to make this! it's so cute!!!

  2. That is a really cute idea!

  3. this is really cute and easy. i love that it veers away from traditional holiday colors which sometimes get really bland and boring. it would be fun to play around with different color palettes with this project!

    lovely blog :)


  4. Wow that's really cute & looks like it's super easy to make!

    lots of love, Dana Carmella
    Bloglovin' & Blog: Pretty Odd ♡

  5. I'm working on a pompom wreath now too! so excited to see how it turns out. x