Our Wedding!

I have been SO excited for this moment to finally share our wedding photos with you all. There's quite a few so this is the first part! We couldn't have asked for anything more from our lovely photographer and one of my best friends Keri-Anne! The day that was filled with nerves, happy tears, getting ready, our family & friends and all the love. 

Here are our wedding photos... Enjoy!

Thinking back to 2 years ago when I starting to put together ideas for the wedding and gathering SO many glass jars they were coming out of my ears! The craft evenings with my besties, the many nights gluing pictures in scrap books, my hands aching from making tissue pom poms & tassel's. Sharing my ideas from Pinterest or posting pictures that gave me inspiration.

Everything came together perfectly. Paul and I both wanted to create a wedding where we did as much DIY as possible and I think we did amazingly well. I'll never forget the last couple of weeks staying up until midnight getting the last few bits done, right up to the night before making the bridesmaids bouquets! I loved every single minute of it and its true when people say 'time flys' as it does!

It was a calm morning getting ready and I was SO over stressing out about the weather. I couldn't predict it and at the end of the day I was getting married to my best friend so that's all that mattered. I remember the nerves I felt waking up knowing this will be the last few hours being a single lady. I was so happy to have one of my best friends and chief bridesmaid Hannah stay with me the night before. I don't know what I would of done without her and I'll be forever grateful.

My make up artist and dear friend Chloe came round mid morning once we were back from the hair salon to get us all dolled up. She's seriously an amazing artist in general (check out her work here), I loved how Chloe did our make up and wish I had a make up artist to do mine everyday! The rest of my bridesmaids arrived just before midday and it was that time to get into my dress with the help from Hannah. I'll never forget the moment standing in front of her and tears filling both our eyes. Its been such a journey the last couple of years and I'll cherish that moment forever.

The bridesmaids and I made our way to the registrar office in Flossy (cutest name) the VW camper van. Arriving a little early and seeing Paul's face for the first time in 24 hours was amazing! We've waited a long time for this moment and it was finally happening, I was marrying my best friend. The whole ceremony went by in a blur and before I knew it we were Mr & Mrs Adger! Whoop!!

We had the best time with our close friends and family with around 35 people attending overall. All my wonderful bridesmaids looked amazing in their individual dresses. My little sister Bluebell looked super cute and said I looked like a Disney princess. The weather was great even if we did have the odd shower of rain throughout the day, thankfully it stopped every time we went outside to take pictures!

Happy 1st of September everyone!


Photographer: Keri-Anne Pink of Gingerlillytea photography//Venue: Northampton Guildhall//Brides bouquet & button holes: Cobbys florist//Bridesmaid handmade bouquets: Flowers from Lavender world. Made by me//Brides gown: Vivienne of Holloway//Hair accessory: H&M//Shoes: Vivienne Westwood//Brides glasses: Gok Wan//Brides accessory ring: Primark//Brides pearl bracelet: Borrowed from my Mum//Brides earrings: Borrowed from my Mum//Grooms suit: H&M//Grooms shoes: Burtons //Grooms pocket watch: eBay////Flower girl flower crowns: Handmade by Emma Deer//Flower girls cupcake: H&M//Hair: Vicky & Neil at Outcast hair salon and myself//Make up: Chloe Woodgate//Flossy the wedding car: Calico Moon//

 photo signiture_zpsfabb3287.jpg
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  1. Yay!! I've been so very excited to see these photos. They are wonderful :] My favorite by far is the one of you two walking out of the church, which looked like an amazing venue by the way! Reading this & seeing the photos brought tears to my eyes, lol, I'm a softy! Can't WAIT to see Part 2!
    e m m a ▼ d e e r

    1. Aww your so sweet! My sisters loved their flower crowns, thank you SO much for that! Cant wait to share more!

      I have a lot of photos that I'd like to share that other guests have taken from the wedding. I guess they'll be about 4 parts of wedding photos haha! :) xx

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous wedding, you two look so happy. That dress is the thing dreams are made of, I am seriously swooning!

    Congrats on your beautiful day.

  3. So great, all that pink loveliness and soft wavy hair and vintage wallpaper. Gosh, your wedding day looks so pretty. Love the last photo of you two with the parasol. Very sweet. Congratulations. Love your blog.

  4. Love them all so. Such a lucky thing to have Keri-Anne as your beautiful photographer!
    You are all so cute and i love knowing who most everyone is :)
    Yay yay i'm over the moon happy for you dear Lulu! So good to see these.

    M xx

  5. What a gorgeous wedding!! Your dress is amazing.

    I can not wait to see all of the DIY projects! I definitely DIY'd my entire wedding, and I think it's so much more satisfying in the end!

    1. Thank you dear! It was the first thing I brought so it was tucked away in my wardrobe for 2 years!

      I loved the diy's we did and look forward to sharing them with you xx

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you sweetheart! I felt amazing all day! :) xx

  7. I am SO pleased for you! The photos are wonderful, you look absolutely stunning and your whole wedding looks so beautiful!
    I love love love your dress. You look wonderful, and so so happy! xoxo

  8. So beautiful Lulu!!! Loved looking through these photos:)

  9. What a beautiful day!! You both look so happy and really deserve all the love and happiness in the world. Your dress looks stunning. (I love your little sisters comment about you looking like a disney princess.... It's about time disney get with the times and animate a tattooed princess- from these pics I agree with your Lil sis- u make the perfect model) :)
    Congratulations and all the Best for a wonderful life together!! Happy honeymooning!! California is my most favourite place in the world. You will have an amazing time!! I look forward to reading all about it :) xooxox

  10. I just found your blog via bleubird and LOVE it. Love these wedding photos too!