Our Honeymoon & The Coulcat Wedding - Fallbrook/Palm Springs

Finally a day where I feel almost normal after suffering from really bad "Jet Lag"! We had an Amazing time with some of our bestest friends Allison & Jordan who we love dearly. If only there wasn't a huge bit of water between us! I feel we would be in each others pockets every other day! We cannot wait to venture back sometime next year to visit them at their new place in Portland, Oregon. We enjoyed their amazing wedding in Palm Springs, yummy food/drink, made new friends, ventured around places we had never been/seen before and making SO many memories.

For some of you that don't know I met Allison on Instagram nearly 2 years ago and we instantly became really good friends, we had SO much in common and after many emails/packages etc we received a wedding invite at the start of the year from Ali & Jordan. We said yes immediately! We were planning to visit the States for our honeymoon anyway so decided to wait until September and look at going to San Diego/Palm Springs instead of San Francisco. It was by far the most amazing trip I have ever been on and everyone (and I mean everyone) was so lovely and welcoming!

We were greeted at San Diego Airport with a HUGE scream of 'Oh my god! Your here!' by Ali's best friend Marissa, followed by a huge hug. Ali picked us up outside and our adventure began, it was at this point we got advised by Marissa to hold onto our seat belts as Ali was in rally mode (she lived in LA for years hence the driving) and she wasn't kidding either haha! 

Here are some of our favourite photos from the first part of our holiday! Enjoy!


The next morning after picking up an iced coffee and a muffin from the local coffee house in Fallbrook we set off for Palm Springs taking in all the views on the way. It took a couple of hours to drive there and arriving in Palm Springs we realised the forecast was right as it was really HOT! 104 degrees! and it was going to get hotter! We checked in and headed straight to the pool before wedding rehearsal time and veggie pizzas. 

We planned on waking up early to take a walk to a local coffee shop that Jordan had recommended called Koffi before it got too hot, If you ever go to PS I highly recommend Koffi's honey & vanilla iced coffee!! It was the day of the wedding so once we had breakfast we headed back to our hotel The Alcazar to help set up and do some crafts (I was rather excited about this!). The boys went off to eat burgers so the girls & I made the backdrop of pom poms, we also added twine to glass jars for the candle table settings and added twine to the 'taco signs'.

Once we had all the crafts done we put everything into place and then went to get ourselves all ready, it was then wedding time!! It was the hottest day of the whole weekend so all the ladies had summer umbrellas to stay out of the heat including myself. I cried like a baby as soon as Ali & Jordan said 'I do'!! Best wedding ever!!!

Mr & Mrs Catalano are now married and their adventures as husband and wife are only just beginning! Now it was time to party and celebrate such a wonderful couple. Ali & Marissa having a bit of a boogie in between photos!

How AMAZING is this 'Grooms cake' complete with taxidermy mice on top! Hehe! They also had three other big cakes for everyone to enjoy. Paul & I enjoyed veggie 'spicy chorizo' tacos and tamales? (I think that's what there called) Basically vegetables wrapped in a dough and cooked in a corn husk. Both were delicious and we drank watermelon vodka cocktail which was by far the most refreshing drink!

The last few hours in Palm Springs was a chilled one, we got up early and went to grab an iced coffee/breakfast, take a few more pictures before returning to the pool. We packed all our swimwear so I just sat on the side with my feet in the water with Paul & the girls. This weekend trip was magical and I think we'd love to come back one day and cannot be thankful enough for being invited out here by Ali & Jordan. Thank you!!

I look forward to sharing Part Two of our honeymoon in San Diego! As I have many more photos to share with you all! I've missed you all!! :)

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  1. Hi lovely :). So good to finally check our all your pictures here and hear of the whole story! How fun it must have been! The place you stayed looks lovely with its pool. And I love that photo of you in the desert :) wow the weather was scorching for you guys! Bet that felt so strange! Like you were living in an oven!
    The wedding looked magical and I bet the bride and groom were so amazingly pleased you were there. :) So wonderful to know you know I a little of CA now. You must come and visit up north though! ;) hehe
    Can't wait for part two!
    M xx
    Ps. Yes they are tamales :) my family and I make them ourselves around Christmas time. ;)