Turning 27

Hello dears,

Well another week has gone by and I totally ran out of time to post this so here it is! Haha! I had such a lovely birthday with my husband last week and received some lovely gifts from my family, Paul got me a MacBook Pro and I did a little squeal when I saw it!

I'm one lucky lady and now a very happy blogger! I've wanted one for ages but never thought I'd get one anytime soon, It's great to be able to blog and not worry about my Notebook crashing. We had a pretty relaxed morning before heading into town to meet Paul's Mum for lunch and in the evening we went to our favourite local Seafood Cafe and had a lovely meal.

I also received some wonderful card's from a few friends and the cutest package from my friend Madlyn, I always get the cutest gifts from sweet M and my birthday gift was no different. A beautiful shell, recipes, new recipe cards, stickers, a crochet fortune cookie and smarties.

I ordered a Hello Kitty cake from a friend of ours and it's by far the BEST red velvet cake ever!! It's actually the same lady who made our wedding cake so I just had to get one for my birthday, I have kept one of the small HK faces which I'll keep and put in my memory box.

Here are some photo's from my day :)

Turning 27 feels great to be honest and I can't wait to see what the next year brings. The last year has been jam packed with collecting way to many glass jars & making SO many pom poms for our wedding. Planning our big day, getting stressed out & finally our wedding (obviously), adventures to London/Brighton and spending time with our friends & family.

We've made a list of things we'd like to do & achieve in our first year of marriage, having a baby is high up on our list. Who knows maybe this time next year we'll have a mini Lulu or Paul hehe!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I'm turning 27 on the 20th and I'm not sure how I feel about it haha. Happy you got a Macbook, I've had one for awhile now and I've never regretted switching

  2. Looks like such a great birthday!! So excited for your new computer!!!!! Top notch!;)

  3. AW honey how sweet :) It seems you had the best 27th birthday and i'm so glad you enjoyed the things i sent :) *hugs* So much fun to see them there. I'm sorry the button is not the same as your blog now though!
    I bet you are loving your Macbook! That is such exciting news and i picture you sitting blogging in happiness :)

    Love, M xx