Hair tips - How to maintain coloured hair


Today I thought I'd share with you how I keep my red hair bright and prevent it from fading too quickly.  If you've had red hair before you've probably noticed that it can fade within a few weeks. It can take a lot of maintenance but with my few steps your colour will last a lot longer.

1. Healthy hair-  Keep your hair as healthy as possible.  Coloring hair causes damage, so being kind to your hair is important. Don't overbrush your hair or rip your hair out trying to remove knots!

*Tip- If you have knotty hair always brush your hair from the ends in sections and work your way up. That way your not pulling the knots from the top to one big knot at the bottom*

2. Washing- Wash your locks as little as possible. Every wash will strip your hair of color, so try to keep the washing to 2-3 times a week. Use a good shampoo & conditioner, preferably from a hair salon as these will be better for your hair.  These can be exspensive but are worth while in the long run, but if your on a budget (which I am most of the time) look for ones that are 'sulfate-free' from your local supermarket or Boots store.

*Tip- Invest in a good conditioning treatment to use once a week. I use ones from Lush and leave them on for about 30 mins or as long as I can. Only apply conditioner to the mid length to ends of your hair and comb through.*

3. Hair products- Always use a heat proctective spray before blow drying & using hot irons. I use 'Hot Of The Press' by Paul Mitchell and I highly recommend it! All Paul Mitchell products are 'sulfate free' making it better for your hair.

*Tip- Products with sulfates will fade your color faster, so look for the 'sulfate-free' label on the products you buy.*

4. Dry shampoo-  Invest in an dry shampoo! It is applied to root of your hair and absorbs the excess oil for those in between days. It appears like a white powder in your hair but once you comb through it will brighten your colour and will refresh you roots.

*Tip- If you run out of dry shampoo, use baby powder/talc powder which pretty much does the same. Just remember to comb/brush it out to get rid of the white!*

5. Hair styles- Try different ways of styling your hair, I like to put mine up into a top knot bun or curl my hair in between washes.

6. Invest in a straw hat for holidays/summer-  The sun can do a lot of damage to hair, especially colour treated hair.  Always wear a hat to protect those lovely locks from further damage due to the sun.

*Tip- If you don't have a summer hat, why not try a head scarf and tie it into a girly bow like a headband*

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  1. These are great tips! I recently discovered Paul Mitchell products, and I'm truly loving that they are sulfate free!

    Simply Akshara

    1. Thanks sweet! Glad you think so and hope they help! I don't use anything else other than PM or Lush products :) xx

  2. I hate when you ask someone to brush your hair and they start from the top down. It's like .. are you trying to pull my hair out?!

    #3 always!! Or products containing oil.. might as well wave goodbye to hair color T.T

    I love that you can curl you hair better while it's in between washes. It seems to last longer.

    1. I totally agree with the curls! Its my 'go to' style for in between washes for sure :)

      Yes! Oily products make your hair SO greasy! I have so many clients (I work in a salon) that come in and say there hair is greasy within a day, simply because they use products such as 'gloss drops' which is pure oily serum straight onto their roots! What are you doing?! Haha! xx