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I've been rather excited about this post as I LOVE vintage inspired hair and have an obsession with the fifties. Not only is Laura gorgeous but she makes these styles so simple and I can't wait to try it out myself! 

Here is the lovely Laura from Madame Medusa to show you how to master the 'Dita' style! Don't forget to 'like' her Facebook page and check out her website. Enjoy my dears! :)

Based in Northampton, Madame Medusa is the alter ego of a certain vintage loving gal with an obsession for Elvis and red lipstick. With a 1st class degree in Theatre & Performance design from LIPA, Laura has worked on many theatre productions, working with costume, wigs, hair & makeup. Whilst training at University in Liverpool, Laura worked for Benefit cosmetics where she mastered the art of the "scouse brow" and developed her craft in makeup creating classic vintage looks with Benefits retro inspired products. With Laura's passion for Vintage style & a love of being creative Madame Medusa was born.
Madame Medusa Beauty "Dita" style pin curl set
What you will need -
Pin curl clips 
Tail comb 
Water bottle 
Setting lotion 
Square Scarf 

Step one -
Mix a small amount of setting lotion and water in your water bottle. 

Step two -

Give your hair a good brush.

Using your tail comb section of a small amount of hair from the top of your head to your ear. 

Spray your hair at the end to create a "wet point."

Create a loop with your hair and begin to curl your hair anti clock wise.

Step three -

Pin your curl into place with your pin curl clip (you can use a bobby pin but may leave a dent in your hair)

Repeat this until you create a row of 3 anti clock wise pin curls. 

Repeat again, sectioning off your hair and spraying your setting lotion. Create a loop and this time curl your hair in a clock wise position. 

Step four -

Repeat this until you create a row of 3 clock wise pin curls. 

Section the bottom of your hair into 3 strands, curl all 3 strands anti clock wise (like the first row of pin curls).

Repeat this process on the other side, remembering to spray each section of hair. 

Step five -

Fold your scarf in half to create a triangle.

Place the longer length of your scarf at the back of your head.

Tie both sides on top to create a bow. (With your pin curl clips, clip the scarf in place of either side). 

Leave your pin curls in for at least 6 hours. The longer you leave the pin curls in the tighter the curl. I recommend sleeping your in your pin curls. 

Step six -

For brushing out you will need -

Hair spray 
Bristle brush 
Cushion brush 
(Hair serum to control frizz)

Take out your pins and give your head a shake.

With your fingers break up the setting lotion and pin curls. 

With your cushion brush, brush through your hair.. Keep brushing and brushing (do not panic  if frizz begins to form) keep brushing until smooth waves form. 

Step seven -

With your bristle brush smooth over your hair and pin your waves in place using your pin curl clips. 

Give your hair a good coating of hair spray and leave your pin curl clips in for about half hour to set. (Make your self a nice cup of tea) 

Step eight -

Remove pin curl clips, (apply a hair serum to your hands and gently smooth over your hair to control frizz) give your hair another good coating if hair spray. 

Add a big bold hair flower and Ta Da! 

Lots of love Madame Medusa xxx 

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  1. Isn't it just?! I'm going to try this technique on myself tonight I think :) xx