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As I'm venturing into married life your being treated to a pretty DIY by my other best friend Keri-Anne from Gingerlillytea! Its such a wonderful idea and I plan on doing something like this somewhere in our home. Enjoy lovelies!!

Hello Lulu's Wonderland readers. My name is Keri-Anne. I am a wife, mother, dreamer, photograher and crafter. I blog over at Gingerlillytea. Laura is one of my best friends, so i was honoured for her to ask me to post over on her blog today whilst she is enjoying some time with her new HUSBAND! I am so happy for her and Paul!

The weather is quite dull right now. I wanted to bring some sunshine into the house and a little while ago, i made these flower wall hangings. I love swapping and changing the flowers around to create a different mood in my bedroom. I have them hanging over my craft desk and they always make me smile. I wanted to share how i did these.

-I picked up the glass jars in the pound shop. They are oil and vinegar jars and i got 2 for £1. I then went to the market and picked out some flowers.
-You can leave your jars plain but i added some Laura Ashley crocheted coasters as the "oil" and "vinegar" stickers wouldn't come off. You can maybe tie some lace in a bow around the middle or neck of the jars or use fabric instead of the coasters that i used.
-I then used some gold glitter string to tie around the neck of the jar and to form a loop to hang up with. Again, you can use lots of different things. Twine, lace or ribbon. I liked the look of the string as it was quite subtle and didn't take away from the flowers.
-I then arranged the flowers how i wanted them. Start with less and then add more. I added stem by stem to build up the look i wanted. I loved arranging these. I don't normally have any success at flower arranging in big vases but i found it easier to arrange these and i love the delicate, pastel finish.
-Find somewhere in the house to hang them up. I have them in my bedroom and they smell divine. I am hoping to add some to the girls rooms also so, each week, they have fresh flowers for their rooms.

This is such a great alternative to vases and they will brighten up any wall. I have them in my bedroom, but they would look lovely anywhere. Over a fireplace or maybe in the kitchen! Enjoy and do come and say hello over at my blog!
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  1. This is a really cute idea, I love those bottles!

    I also wanted to let you know that you've been nominated for a Liebster Award!

    1. Everything Keri-Anne does is so dreamy and girly! :)

      Thank you so much my dear! Xx