Things I Love - Picks Of The Week

The last few weeks I've been looking for a cute outfit for the day after our wedding and I've seen a couple I've been lusting over at Topshop! My fave shop of course but I always wait for anything I like to go in the sale as I find them a little overpriced. And guess what? They're in the sale yay!!! Here are the dresses I love and accessories to go with them. Fingers crossed they're still in the sale when I get my first wage packet from my new job next week!




1&2. Pretty prom style dresses from Topshop. The peach one knee length & the lemon one midi. They remind me of what Lemon would wear from Hart of Dixie!
3. Initial necklace of P&L would be perfect
4. Cream & peach flower crown (not sure where this ones from)
5. Cute clog style shoes
6. Marc B small quilted bag to finish the outfit

Today its my day off to catch up on blog drafts and get more things ticked off our wedding list of things to do. The major thing to get done today is email our DJ of what music we'd like and to give him an idea of what we want. 

Yesterday was my first full day at my new job as a salon receptionist and I was pretty much on my feet for 9 hours! I haven't worked in a salon for nearly 4 years so its getting use to be on my feet again. My job is not just to answer the phone but I also have to be head of house and make sure everyone has everything they need. I'm loving it!

Much love
Lulu xx

Oh don't forget to add my little blog on Bloglovin! Only a few more weeks until Google Reader goes!  I did a couple of posts about it back in March read here & here
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  1. I love that sweet floral headband!

  2. The dresses are darling. And I love that floral headband!