Wedding Planning - Part Three

Colour scheme & Decoration planning

I think the one thing I've loved doing the last year or so is choosing the colours and planning how we want the reception decorated. I've always been one to make sure everything is perfect and co-coordinating! We decided to go with cream, lilac, navy and a bit of purple. I'm a pastel lover so had to have lilac in there somewhere! All the colours work well together and that's something to consider when choosing your own. You don't want anything to harsh or too fussy. I found colour charts/slides helped loads when deciding on colours. You can see visually what works and what doesn't.

Planning where you want the decorations can get a little overwhelming but I think taking photos of the room helps loads! Plus you can have a trial run at your wedding reception to see what they would look like. We are going to visit again in a few weeks time to do a mock up of the table plans & decorations. That way you know if whatever ideas you have in your head looks good in front of you.

I have spent many evenings drawing out plans and getting frustrated with myself to make sure everything we wanted was in place. At this point I hadn't took any photos of the room so I was just going by what I could remember. Luckily the room was bigger than I remembered and it put my mind at ease knowing that I could plan without the worry!

Myself and my bridesmaids have had a few craft evenings where we have made pom poms and tassels (tutorial to come soon!) I wanted to do as many DIY's as we could for the wedding and these were at the top of the list. It took a few attempts to get the idea of making the pom poms, I thought they were really hard to make in the beginning but after a couple of goes it was easy! 

I'm finally getting round to attaching them all to twine so they can be hung up and put out of the way from Sookie, there has been a couple of incidents where Sookie thought the pom poms where comfy to sleep on! My own fault really as the only place I could put them was in a bag on our spare room floor. Anything craft wise I definitely advice starting way ahead of time so its one less thing to worry about. The only reason we have left it this late is because we ran out of room to put them all!

To get some ideas of decoration planning I searched my favourite blogs and wrote down any ideas I liked. Buying wedding magazines end up being a waste of money, as they all have the same ideas in. We also wanted to do as much DIY as possible to make it more personal. 

Last week we went to our wedding reception meeting and I was able to take photos of the room, I am going to get these printed off and have them placed on plastic tubs. This way having a visual picture on each tub your wedding planner or friend who is putting up your decorations up will know where each decoration is going. We plan on having a cluster of pom poms in certain areas of the room, then the tassels will go above the arch ways and bar. I'm currently making mini pom poms to go on the back on each persons chair. I only decided this a couple of weeks ago but thought it was a cute idea and my wedding planner agreed!

A few tips -
  • Make a list of colours & ideas you like
  • Get yourself some colour charts - I got ours from B&Q
  • Make sure the colours work well together
  • Take photos where you can of your reception
  • Search your fave blogs for ideas
  • DIY where you can
  • Make decorations well in advance
  • Have a girls night of crafting
  • Buy plastic tubs to transport your decorations in and place a photo on each.
  • Do a mock up of the table and room decorations
  • You CAN change your mind!

Next time its all about the table decorations and I look forward to sharing with you what we have planned! Plus more DIY tutorials coming up too!

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and I certainly did as I went to my first Blog Summit yesterday with a couple of friends. I learned so much and I cant wait to go to the next one! :)
Much love
Lulu xx
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  1. It's so lovely to make things for your wedding. It makes the day really personal and I think guests really appreciate the touches that make the day really "you". I made metres and metres and metres of bunting for my wedding and had a band of willing helpers to set it all up on the wedding morning. It was lovely to look around at the reception and know that we had done so much to make it look pretty. x

    1. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the decorations up. I still have a few things to do and its a great feeling ticking off the boxes of what needs to be done.

      Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment xx

  2. Yay!!! I had tissue poms at my wedding too! and loved them :) We hung them from the beams on the ceiling and they were so much fun:)
    Have fun with all the making and the planning! This part is half the fun;)

    1. Ive managed to finish all the mini pom poms for the chair decorations but still need to finish a few others! I've been spending every night crafting away. Cant wait to see them up all and all the hard work paid off!

      Looking forward to dancing on the day too! :)

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