Crafting Moments - DIY Wedding Confetti

I've been wanting to make my own confetti for a while now but I didn't have the essential item being a hole punch to make them until the other day. It only took about an hour overall to make the confetti and have them packaged. I found it so easy and it was quite fun to do, plus it was keeping in with our DIY wedding.

Here's what you'll need -

Coloured tissue paper of your choice
A hole punch
Paper sandwich bags
Personalized stickers (these were from eBay)


Firstly fold the tissue paper in half and then in half again like the picture.

Now get the hole punch and starting from the left side, punch along the top until you get to the end.

It doesn't need to be neat but make sure you hole punch as much as you can.

Now fold about a 1cm down and again hole punch along the top and repeat until you've covered all of the tissue.

Turn it around length ways and follow the same steps from pictures 2-4.

Once you've covered all of your tissue paper, proceed with the other colours you may have. It'll be easy after the first few goes and it wont take long at all. This will be your finished confetti!

Now its time for the packaging! I used white paper sandwich bags that I brought for a £1 and cut them down to about 4 & half inches. I then put 2 teaspoonfuls of confetti into each bag and folded the bag down an inch, placing the custom stickers I ordered online to seal in place.

I made 23 bags of confetti which is how many I needed, but if you need more depending on how many people you have buy a few more packets of tissue paper :)

And there you have it, DIY confetti for our wedding and I'm so pleased how they turned out!! It cost no more than £4 to make them and £2 of that was on the custom wedding stickers.

What do you think? I'd love to know what you think :)

Much love
Lulu xx
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  1. I looove the wax paper bags with the stickers!! Really looks like a sweet finished package. What an amazingly low for such a lovely thing. Great job!!

  2. Great idea!


  3. OMG! SO clever. It looks so pro. Rad idea dude.