Wedding Planning - Part One


As soon as Paul and I got engaged we didn't want to wait around about setting our date. We got engaged August 2011 a day after my birthday and we wanted to give ourselves enough time to prepare for our wedding. Both of us thought 18 months to 2 years would be enough so we came up with our date. I then went ahead in September that year and booked our wedding date of the 28th June 2013. I was so excited I called Paul on my lunch to say i'd booked the date we wanted and he was thrilled!

The next thing we wanted to do was to put together a list of who we would like to invite, both Paul and I don't have big families & with a limited budget this was going to be a small wedding regardless. Once we figured out who we'd like to invite we sent out our "Save The Date" reminder's mid 2012 and started putting ideas together ideas for our wedding invitations. 

A friend of ours who works as a printer was able to help with our invites, we knew roughly what we wanted but with his guidance we put together the invites and menu's over a period of a few weeks and they came out just how we wanted. I was so happy with the turn out I put a sneak peek picture up on my Instagram to then find out we had a spelling mistake! One of our friends commented saying 'Please don't hate me but..' I laughed as I knew straight away what it was. All was fixed and we had our corrected menu updated! Woo! 

Paul and I then spent one evening putting together our day and evening invites to send out to family & close friends. One thing I will recommend is if you have guests that will be traveling from a far, staying overnight is to put together a list of hotels & B&B's for them to check out that are close to the venue. Family & Bridesmaids have been given the option to stay with us the night of the wedding at the location of our wedding reception. 

Our wedding planner Caroline has reserved all of the rooms so no one else can book them on our date, to make it easier to book we printed off the room details we thought would work best for each person/couple supplying the room type/number. They then simply need to call Caroline with the information supplied and confirm they are part of the wedding party, she will also have a list to check them off. We also put together a map with directions so guests know how to get from the registry office to the wedding reception.

From memory we sent our ''Save The Dates'' approx 6 months before sending our invites with a RSVP date of 3 months before our wedding day, believing this would allow for sufficient time for our guests to respond. We have since extented this by 2 weeks via text due to a few friends not responding though having mentioned previously in passing they would be attending. 

As you can imagine this can be quite frustrating as we had spent the time organising these and would hope a written response would be recieved, obviously not all guests would be able to attend so we have received a few that have been declined but we are still waiting on 5 RSVP's... Mainly from Paul's work colleagues/friends that could simply hand them back to him. HAha

So from our experience here are a few things to keep in mind -
  • Save the Dates 12/18 months in advance.
  • Proof read, spell check, ask a friend & double check spelling before printing RSVP's
  • Invites sent 3/6 months with clear RSVP dates including Accomadation, Map/Directions & SAE (though we run out of stamps)
  • Menus included to take into consideration dietary requirements - veggie/vegan or carnivore, gluten/dairy free & child options etc

Hope this helps for any newly engaged brides and I look forward to sharing more wedding plans/tips with you soon :)

Much love
Lulu xx

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  1. How lovely :) we're just beginning this journey! And weirdly we got engaged, in August 2012 (a year later than you), the day after my birthday!!!

    Looking at October 2014 - yet to book though - it's all so expensive!
    Hannah xx

    1. Oooo wow! I def recommend giving yourself enough time to save and plan lovely :) October will be a lovely month to get married! xx

  2. Did you ever purchase those straw flags anywhere? If not, I'd love to make and give them to you! :)

    1. Hello lovely! No i didn't in the end because when i went to download/purchase them the site it took me to wouldn't allow me! And i haven't found any since :(

      You my dear are so so kind! I'd love that!! xx

    2. Let me know what you would like them to say and colors
      you can email me

    3. I shall email you now darling :) xx

  3. It is great to share the wedding planning experience and that information will be more useful for the newly engaged couples. Along with the free wedding app will be very useful when planning their dream wedding and can plan the wedding successfully.

    1. Thank you dear!

      I'm checking out that app now :) xx