DIY - Pretty Kitchen Utencils


For Mothers Day i wanted to do something for my Mum that had a DIY feel to it so i decided to buy some wooden kitchen utensils and paint them. I thought I'd share with you what i did with a step by step guide.

1. Get yourself some wooden utensils, you can get them in most supermarkets or cook shops. Gold spray paint, a choice of colour waterproof paint, a paint brush and newspaper.

2. Spray some of the gold paint into a bowl and paint the ends of the utensils. I painted them just below the small hole so they were all even or you could use masking tape for an even line. I did 2 coats of paint, making sure they were all evenly coated.

3. Let them dry but make sure there not touching anything (see pic). This took about 10 minutes for them to be completly dry.

4. Now paint from the gold line downwards, using one way strokes painting 3/4 of the handle. You should only need 2 coats of the paint and leave to dry between each.

5. Make sure they're all even and your happy with the turn out.

6. To make them extra special add ribbon or lace to tie around all 3 and present them in a gift bag.

My Mum loved them and they went well with her shabby chic style kitchen. I loved how they turned out for my first attempt and i cant wait to make my own to go in my kitchen.

Today has gone quick and I've been a busy bee this morning with house work ad sorting yet more bits to go on eBay. I had my lovely friend and bridesmaid India come over for tea and cake. We decided we are going to be baking cakes tomorrow afternoon and going to try our luck at making macaroons. I'm a bit nervous about making these!! Any tips?

Its raining again today so hoping for some sunshine tomorrow :) Hope your all having a wonderful day!

Much love
Lulu xx

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  1. Gorgeous idea! Love the colour choice!

    1. My Mum has a cream kitchen so I thought duck egg blue would work well! I'm super happy how they turned out :) xx

  2. I love the color combination also! Big fan of gold;) Great job

  3. Aw, cute idea!! The gold is a great touch!

    Thanks for sharing :)