DIY - Love Heart Cake Toppers

Last year i made these cake toppers for my birthday and thought i'd share with you how i made them. I'm a big fan of crafting and love finding new ideas to try out. They are super easy to make and perfect for Valentines Day!

What you'll need:
a4 card
a pencil
ribbon of your choice
cocktail sticks
1 teabag

I started of by staining some white card with a recently used teabag that's gone cold. Dab over the whole sheet and then let it dry. I'm going for a 'rustic' look so it doesn't need to be completely covered to give it that old romantic look. Then cut out a heart about 4cm long but the size can be whatever you like on a separate piece of card.
 Now once you have the heart stencil and the stained card has dried get your pencil and draw round the heart. You'll need 2 hearts per topper so i drew out 24 hearts and cut them out. Be careful when cutting around the heart as it can be a bit finicky.
Once you have cut all the hearts out put them in pairs and glue one heart on the reverse. Place a cocktail stick in the center and press down firmly.
  I thought it'll be cute to write something on each heart but you can leave them plain if you like. Then glue the reverse of the heart, stick on top and again press firmly in place.
Now its time to add the ribbon, place the ribbon underneth the stick near the top and do a bow as you would do normally. You may need to tweak it here and there until it sits how you want it too. Ta Da! Do this to all your toppers and your done! 
Enjoy lovely's! :)

Let me know if you make these and I'd love to see your creations. Add me either on Pinterest or Instagram and tag me so i can see!

Much love
Lulu xx

(All pictures taken with my iphone 4s)

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