The Vintage Bridal Show - 20th January 2013

Ive been so excited about this day for a couple of months now but was a tad bit worried about the weather. Thankfully though even with it still snowing we made it to Birmingham New Street with no delays! Keri-Anne and I meet Hannah my chief bridesmaid at the station as she was traveling from Banbury and started our walk to the venue.

(Hannah taking pictures & One of the beautiful stalls)
Once we arrived at the town hall we collected our tickets and went straight to the VIP section to get our goody bags! We also had a free glass of bubbly on offer but i couldn't think of anything worse than having that at 11:30am in the morning. Up some stairs we went and two lovely ladies opened our doors into the huge hall. Wow! The room was filled with lots of stalls full of lovely things. The sound of 1930's music was in the background and all i wanted to do was have a little dance!
(Photobooth fun with my girls!)

First stop was a fab vintage style photobooth with props to play with and we got the opportunity to have our picture taken inside. Eeee! I was so excited about this! We went through the little curtain and sat on the little stalls. In front of us was a retro camera and a green button just below it. Once we were in position Keri-Anne pressed it and within a flash our picture was being printed from the side of the camera. We kind of forgot about grabbing some props but i sure did love the photo. We were handed some leaflets plus the photo which i didn't realize we were allowed to keep! I look forward to getting this put in a frame :)

(Someone took a sneaky pic of me! & Old vintage cameras hanging from deer antlers)
As we were walking around the stalls it got announced that the first fashion show of the day was about to start. Everyone stood in the aisles and watched the lovely ladies strut up and down the stage but there were only a few dresses i actually liked. Some of them just looked a little too clingy for my liking. Everyone started walking round the hall again once that finished and we came to a beautiful stall that sold handmade hair accessories. I'm still unsure if i'm going to having anything in my hair because i don't want it to overshadow my hair do but we'll see. 
(Oh hello dear! & Hannah and I outside in the snow)

We moved on down to the next aisle of stalls and this lovely lady gave us a warm smile so we went over to her stall. It was a stationary business and it was called Alice Tree, loved the name! Her actual name was Selina and she started talking to us about how annoying it is not being able to find maternity tights! She had a beautiful mint green dress on with a cute peterpan collar and a thin black waist belt just above her bump. Super friendly and we had a long chat with her about the show and her growing bump.
(Keri-Anne and I with our goody bags, Wonderful leaflets to look through & Our freebie treats from our goodie bags)

We'd been looking round the whole event for a couple of hours now and were getting quite peckish. They had a tea room downstairs but thought it was a bit expensive. We decided to venture outside and went across the street to Starbucks. It was lovely sitting down, having a chat about the day and talking about our craft evenings we'll be doing. Overall the day was lovely and really enjoyed myself even if it was snowing outside. Everyone got home safe and i look forward to whats to come this coming year.

(Train & VIP ticket from our day) 

Much love
Lulu xx

Thank you to Hannah and Keri-Anne for making our day out wonderful!

(All pictures taken with my iPhone 4s)
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  1. Was a super lovely day once we got there. Oh and I loved the chocolate you got me haha x

    1. Thankfully all went to plan with the weather hey!Glad you loved the chocolate, its my fave! If only they sold it in normal shops!! xx

  2. It was a magical day. i LOVED it. thank you sweetie x

  3. Sounds like an amazing time!

    <3 Melissa

  4. This looks like such a lovely day out! Glad you had fun x I love the picture of the 3 of you! x

  5. ah how i loved hearing about your whole day! wonderful sweets and sounds like you had such fun with K and H. :) love the sneaky pic of you. :)

    madlyn xxx