Sunday, 5 October 2014

Outfit Of The Day - Floral & Mint

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a fabulous weekend and now relaxing on this rather chilly Sunday evening! Depending on what side of the world you are, I hear from a few friends across the pond its still in the 60s! I don't deal with hot heat very well and tend to stay out of direct sun so these sunny cooler days are perfect for me

A few weeks ago I purchased some new Bait Footwear from Modcloth and I was so excited to receive them on Friday. I chose some new autumn coloured emerald green Idas & a pair of Irella in black from Baits new Autumn collection. They're definitely my favourite brand of footwear to wear these days, as they go with my style and are perfect with everything! I highly recommend any 40 - 50's loving ladies to purchases a pair! They only thing I would consider when buying these is to check out the feedback on the Modcloth or Bait Footwear website. For my particular size I go up half a size due to having small wide feet to a 4.5, as they do come up a little narrow but after a few wears they break in and become super comfy to wear all day!

Today Paul & I ventured down to Starbucks for our weekly Sunday date for a seasonal PSL. I love our little traditions and I would like to make a few more in the new year. One thing I know I plan on changing slightly is how I structure my work days around blogging.

I find it hard some days and because I suffer from anxiety I don't put too much pressure on myself to do daily blogging. I'm also in the process of looking to update my blog design, I feel a change is needed to suit my style and be more me. Any recommendations on affordable blog designers?

Outfit Details
Floral Dress Primark a few years ago
Black Cardigan Primark
Shoes Bait Footwear
Belt Primark
Kitty Necklace A gift from my friend Claire
Sparkly Mint Brooch Luxulite

 Do you own any Baits? If so which ones do you own or plan on purchasing?

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lucky Dip Club Monthly Box #2

It was happy post day on Sunday for me (I was at my parents on Saturday when it arrived), as its that time of month when my Lucky Dip Club box arrives! If you don't know what it is check out my first review about this pretty awesome monthly box subscription here!

Many of you on my Instagram agreed with me to do a monthly unboxing of the treats we get inside and this months theme was Magic Forest 'Woodland Wonder'. Here's what was inside and I apologise for the shitty lighting... the sun couldn't decide whether it wanted to be in or out!

The first thing I love seeing as you open the box is a mantra for the month which is 'Make Magic'. This was a shortening for Lucky Dip Clubs monthly motivational quotes via IG - *Magic is something you make* I can totally agree with that, as I'm a very positive person who tries to live life to the fullest. I love how you always get a little personalised message on the back too :)

Pretty autumnal coloured & lovingly wrapped treats. I like to save the tissue paper and re-use it to send treats to my pen pals :) The first thing I opened is this darling personalised owl brooch!! OMG! Its so darn cute with its little googly eyes!! Going to love wearing this on my winter cardigan.

I'm obsessed with all things woodland so the baby fawn jewellery holder & fox mask DIY kit are amazing! I look forward to making the mask one evening, I love that it comes complete with everything you need plus step by step instructions.

You can never have to many 'to-do' lists which comes in an adorable little envelope. I'd love to know where those are from... The postcard reminds me of a cartoon I use to watch as a kid growing up called The Animals of Farthing Wood. Anyone remember that or even watched it? I think that's where my love for woodland animals came about. It's actually what inspired me to get my lucky 3 tailed fox and albino squirrel tattooed on my arm surrounded by autumn leaves. I'm looking forward to finding the perfect spot to put this up in our home.

I was intrigued to see a piece of a puzzle in my box and noticed a few of my friends on IG had a piece too. Each month Leona pops something in random boxes where you could win a little extra treat. Lucky Dip Club then posts on Instagram & Facebook what it could be. This time I didn't win anything with the puzzle piece I had but its such a fantastic idea.

Sookie approves of this months box and wanted to be in every photo! Ha! My thoughts on this months theme was that I loved everything! No surprise there! I'm a sucker for anything to do with Autumn (as you may already know!) so all the treats in the box are awesome. This may only be my second box but I feel like there's always something new and nothing repeats its self. I adore the fact we get something personalised & unique each month, whether its a brooch or a necklace. It makes you feel special knowing its handmade and has your initial on it! Here are the full details of what we got this month-
  • A personalised owl brooch with googly eye & your initial on his belly.
  • A wooden fawn jewellery hanger to display your fave necklaces.
  • An adorable fox sleep mask DIY kit for Autumnal afternoon snoozes.
  • A toadstool to-do memo pad to prioritise your day.
  • Woodland scene postcard to share the cute with your bestie.
As always we get told at the bottom of the content card what the next months theme will be which is Lucky Diner! I don't know about you but I love 50s style diners and EVERYTHING about them! Whoop! Whoop!

If you haven't already and want to subscribe to the Lucky Dip Club you can do here. There is also the option to just test it out by purchasing a one off box to see if its for you. If you love super cute stuff and want a surprise each month get yourself the monthly subscription!!

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing and look forward to next month! Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Outfit Of The Day - Dancing Horses & Chai

Happy Sunday everyone! Whoa its been a busy weekend and I woke up this morning with a sore throat which means I'm coming down with something but it hasn't ruined my mood... not yet anyway! Today Paul & I strolled down to Starbucks for our weekly Sunday date where we enjoyed a Buy one, Get one Free on PSL's! Whoop!

We also did a bit of food shopping before walking home through the park to take in the last bit of the sunny weather. This also meant we had an opportunity to take some photos for today's post.

Outfit details -

Top H&M (From  couple of years ago)
Dancing Horse Circle skirt Pin Up Girl Clothing
Shoes Chai Ida's Bait Footwear
Brooch Luxulite
Pastel Macaroon Bracelet Handmade by Jenny of She Loves Crafty
Custom Wedding Rings Bloody Mary Metal
Glasses Gok Wan range from Specsavers (Bought 2 years ago)

The fourth photo down of me is me looking up at the squirrels in the tree, as conkers started falling on me! Ha!

What did you get up to this weekend?

(I am not being paid by any of the mentioned companies or designers to make this post, unless I state C/O. The views in this post are strictly my own and I am not affiliated with any of these companies.)

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Atomic Pizza

This past weekend Paul and I finally got round to visiting our friends in Oxford. It's been a long time coming and we had the best time. We enjoyed good food, good company and finally got to meet their cat Luna! Claire made us a wonderful dinner Friday of Macaroni cheese! Yum! Followed by avocado chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries which was amazing!!

On Saturday Claire & Mark took us to one of their favourite places to eat in Oxford called Atomic Pizza. This place was perfect for my husband Paul, as it was full of comic & movie memorabilia. Did you know I first met Paul in a comic book store :) We both opted for 'The Bandit' veggie burger and sweet potato fries with a peanut butter shake.

Afterwards we headed to a coffee place called Joseph Perks which our friends have been raving about the last couple of weeks. The coffee is delightful, the decor is super stylish and it also turns into a bar at night. We had such a lovely time and can't wait to visit again very soon.

 What did you get up this weekend?

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Things I Love - Picks Of The Week

I'm such a girly girl and love eyeing a bargain or two... or three! I'm forever looking on Modcloth adding pieces to my wish list. For my picks this week I gathered together a few dresses that would look good on any pin up gal on a budget and what's even better is that they're all on sale!


My favourites have got to be the little red number & the bottom blue dress! Both could be dressed up or down with a cute cream cardigan and a pair of Baits Iones!

Check out the sale of up to 70% off and grab yourself a pretty dress!

What ones would you purchase?

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